Private enterprise FORTEK is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality analytical and laboratory equipment in the market of Uzbekistan. FORTEK positions itself as a leader in supplying industrial and scientific laboratories with reliable and high-quality products.

FORTEK sells and provides services to customers representing various industries: pharmaceutical, mining, petrochemical, food and agricultural, chemical, ecology, Academy of Sciences, etc.

Today, FORTEK, by developing and strengthening its position in the market of analytical equipment in Uzbekistan, is able to provide almost everything necessary for the laboratory, starting with chemical glassware, general laboratory equipment, furniture, and ending with sophisticated analytical devices with ready-made solutions for a specific task. Fortek could equip the laboratory in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO, GMP, GLP.

By having extensive experience in the laboratory equipment market in Uzbekistan, FORTEK was able to create one of the first certified service center in Uzbekistan.

FORTEK puts the customer's interests first and builds mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers to fully meet all the needs and expectations of our customers. We always share our experience with our partners and customers.